Boost your visibility


LED totems, image walls, touch and digital screens help enhance your visibility and help spread your information.

They are perfect for drawing attention and promoting products and services. Display your videos, images, interactive advertising and promotional content, whether by means of indoor screens, indoor or outdoor LED totems, high brightness-screens for shop windows or touch screens.

Possible uses:

  • Advertisements
  • Signs and Signage
  • Information areas
  • Reception (to inform, guide...)
  • Product promotion
  • Communication content

Places of use:

  • Exhibitions
  • Shopping centres
  • Companies
  • Reception halls
  • Retail store facades
  • Shop windows
  • Boutiques and shops

MP-Audio-06: The ultimate audio player!


Small, Autonomous and Efficient!

The Audio-06 media player is a music player and allows up to 8 simultaneous audio outputs (8 Jack sockets)! Music, volume, play & pause control, thanks to connected LED buttons!

The customer becomes a key player! This small model is easy to integrate into a piece of furniture or design and is therefore ideal for your in-store departments!

Product technical data sheet of the MP-Audio-03

Our business software Packs


Digital signage is very common nowadays.

Available as optional packs, these Business Software Packs can be installed on the Media2Screen content manager server. There are currently 10 different business packs:

  • Restaurant Pack: Menu display in your restaurants
  • Bar Pack: Beverages menu display
  • Meeting Room Pack: Room reservation schedule
  • Directional Pack: Guiding visitors around your facilities
  • Planning Pack: Display different types of schedules
  • Advertising control Pack: Broadcast advertisements on screens or LED panels
  • Emergency Pack: Display an evacuation message in real time
  • Audio System Pack: Present several audio products
  • Hotel Pack: Manage 3 different types of screen simultaneously

THE Media2Screen digital signage solution


Create, Plan and Share

Media2Screen is a 100% Web-based digital signage solution. No need to install any software! Get going with a simple Chrome browser!

Media2screen allows you to create, plan, program and share all content on one or more screens, touch screens, totems, hotspots whatever the geographical location.

Project creation:

  • Desired media import: images, videos, audio, documents...
  • Defining media areas

The different templates:

Creation of Simple Templates (a slide show area for images and/or videos), Mixed Templates (several image and/or video areas, scrolling text, date/time...) Touch screen Template (as many templates and areas as you wish).

Once you have finished creating, you can share the template locally with a key or remotely via the network. It is also possible to plan the sharing beforehand.

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